A Refreshing Way To Keep Your Lawn In Pristine Condition

The process is designed specifically to get your poor lawn to breathe again. The process is called lawn care aeration. It is carried out by a professional lawn maintenance company located close to you if you reside in areas in and around Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami and Palm Beach Florida. Here, as you well know, the sun never stops shining.

And that means that the conditions are a lot drier than many other parts of the country. Not all domesticated lawns are indigenous and lack the ability to withstand drier than usual conditions. Allowing your lawn to be fully aerated also allows it to retain the moisture it requires for maintaining strong roots and keeping the grass in a flourishing green condition.

The maintenance goal is to feed the grass with its required and proper quotient of nutrients and oxygen. Through aeration, such essential ingredients are able to penetrate and circulate freely below the grass surface well within the soil. This is refreshing to know from an aesthetics point of view. No-one likes to view a dry and yellow lawn.

And it is refreshing to know that it is no longer necessary to dig the lawn up and replace it with paving stones and concrete. Keeping the lawn intact allows you to keep your small environment sustainable and organic. You are able to reduce your carbon footprint and your atmosphere no longer needs to be warmed extremely and unnecessarily.

Lawn technicians perforate the soil with tiny holes. These holes are necessary to enable nutrients – air, water and organically manufactured fertilizers – to seep deep into the roots of the grass. All things being told, this allows you to keep your lawn in pristine and prime condition all year round.